Mac 10.6.7 fixes Photoshop CS5 conflicts

The Mac OS 10.6.5 release introduced a few incompatibilities with Photoshop CS5. According to a tech note, these include:

  • The warning, “Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?” appears when you open Photoshop.
  • The startup screen reads White Rabbit, instead of Photoshop CS5, and looks different.
  • Tools behave as if the Shift or Option keys are pressed.
  • Your cursor remains the plug sign (+).

Adobe & Apple folks worked together on the diagnosis & testing, and updating to the newly released 10.6.7 should fix the problems. [Via]

5 thoughts on “Mac 10.6.7 fixes Photoshop CS5 conflicts

  1. I haven’t downloaded the update because I have things cooking that I can’t shut down yet.
    Does this have anything to do with Bridge giving me the message shortly after opening that it is going to shut down because I have to have other Adobe programs installed? Of course, CS5 is installed and working otherwise.

  2. Using CS5 extended and never noticed any of these behaviors in either 10.6.5 or10.6.6 nor any difference using 10.6.7.

  3. Hi there! Where can I ask about CS5 improvements? I still can´t believe that in cs5 you cant use the up/down keys on blending modes to preview the different blending modes. I´ve seen on windows you can use the keys, but on mac you can´t. Also on illustrator you can´t scroll between the fonts…! I would love to hear your comments about that.
    [The Mac standard historically has never been to enable putting focus on popup menus, although Apple has changed that in Safari. In PS you can hold Shift and then hit plus/minus to move through blending modes. The change will apply to the selected layer, or to the blending mode of the active brush tool (if one is selected). –J.]

  4. “Tools behave as if the Shift or Option keys are pressed.”
    I’ve had that issue with Win7/64 0n two computers; a Dell 9100 at work and a DIY i7 Win7/64 at home.
    Using Production Suite and only seems to effect Photoshop CS5

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