3 thoughts on “(rt) iPhone bits & content-aware fails

  1. Sorry, but there is a word that must be used. The verb, to photoshop. It’s the generic vernacular term for modifying digital images in just these ways, just like to google someone or something is to look them up online. No injury intended to the IP rights of Adobe Photoshop(R) or Google(TM) with regard to the maintenance of their brands.

  2. Wireless camera to phone transfer, such as Eye-Fi, is a stop gap measure until smart cameras become a reality. It’s only a matter of time before we get app controlled, multi-sensorial devices designed primarily around light sampling.
    It’ll be interesting to see if the first smart camera will be based on iOS, Android, WebOS, or Windows Phone 7. Regardless, there will likely be a big battle over this market, and all the currently entrenched players (Canon, Nikon, etc.) may be casualties if they don’t adapt quickly to the market being turned on it’s head.
    Adobe must be planning for this inevitability, too.
    There are some signs that Apple and Sony are already collaborating on a smart camera (see SmartCamX.com).
    Exciting times!

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