Beautiful Kinect Graffiti

Jean-Christophe Naour uses the motion-sensing gaming platform to paint with light, using his whole body:
I’ve had a somewhat similar idea: use the gyroscope a smartphone (or multiple phones) to capture a person’s gestures in space, then use the resulting paths to do 3D painting & animation. That work could happen on the phone itself, or the paths could be imported into After Effects & other apps (think, or even run interactively in Flash, WebGL, etc. Maybe the idea’s too esoteric to have legs, but I’d love to see it tried.

One thought on “Beautiful Kinect Graffiti

  1. I like the idea.
    After the 3D gestures are captured they could be returned to a concrete form via 3D printing/fabrication. Take multiple gestures in the digital environment and one could combine them, then go out to a 3D printing or fabrication process.
    How about a “gesture” totem pole or mobile. One could literally take dance and turn it into sculpture.
    And the cynic in me says all we’d see is a lot of digital middle fingers.

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