Ask a Pro: Illustrator brushes, Friday at noon

I’m always a little amazed & sad that not more people know what can be done with Illustrator brushes. Check out this session Friday at noon Pacific:

Join Sharon Steuer and learn how to harness the power and flexibility of Illustrator’s drawing and painting tools. With Illustrator brushes you can work transparently, or build-up color and texture, you can work with pressure-sensitivity, or even contour-and-stretch leaves and grasses along a path. And unlike any other way of working, the brush marks can remain vectors, so they can be infinitely selectable, editable, and changeable.

3 thoughts on “Ask a Pro: Illustrator brushes, Friday at noon

  1. Until Illustrator gets the Rotate View and Brush Resize keyboard shortcuts, it’s just not very natural for certain types of work. I wasn’t able to sketch primarily in Photoshop until those were finally added.

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