Video: Green graffiti

What if cleaning, rather than painting, created images? Marc Cameron and Moose Curtis use stencils & a pressure washer to blast away layers of filth, creating their own “reverse graffiti”:


4 thoughts on “Video: Green graffiti

  1. Fantastic idea and very creative. I like the non0use of paints and solvents though obviously water is used in quite significant quantities. I wonder how green it can be then (unless the water is somehow recycled and re-used)?

  2. This technique is used for years. The people wrote sentences like “9/11 was an inside job” and other things not written by the mainstream media to dirty walls to avoid getting catched by police.

  3. Well it’s better because it’s not so permanent, but it still looks like graffiti.
    When I read the title I thought it was people doing paintings of trees, forests and jungle, that would probably be nicer to look at.

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