Happy Veterans Day from some Adobe vets

A few years ago I was giving some boo-hoo rant about my job’s frustrations to a co-worker when I noticed a little Abrams tank model on his desk. When I inquired he casually answered that he’d been a tank commander in Bosnia, modestly mentioning some of the responsibilities he’d shouldered in his early 20’s. Way to put my challenges in perspective, sir.
In this brief clip, veterans now working at Adobe share thoughts on how their military service experiences have helped shape their careers.

4 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day from some Adobe vets

  1. John-I love this and love what you wrote. In my last job I noticed some US Air Force Academy memorabilia on someone’s desk. Turns out her 2 sons attended (it’s hard enough for one to get in). And she was a single mom raising them for most of their lives. Pretty amazing stuff.
    With few exceptions, those I’ve been blessed to work with who have served, tend to be some of the best workers and friends I’ve had.

  2. I’ve always liked the Adobe ethos. Some fine people in the Adobe family. I’ve come up from CS2 all the way through to CS5.5 Master Suite.
    I and lots of other members of NAPP are, however, concerned about Adobe’s new pricing and upgrade structure (proposed?). See NAPP forum for many comments. We customers are also part of the Adobe family and, in these most challenging of times, I can only appeal to Adobe to put family first.
    My own ethos is when one of more of my customers are over a barrel, this is not time to spank them! I know times are tough but this is a seriously bad time for companies to spank their customers financially!
    I am positive that many companies like mine are involved in our our war against recession and it is, to be frank, a struggle.
    So, Adobe, please…stick with us through the thin and you’ll have us when we get through the recession and back, hopefully soon, in to the good times.
    Best Wishes

  3. Semper Fi! Its usually the first two words that come out of the mouth of a Marine on recognition of another Marine.
    The term means “Always Faithful” which appears to be the standard of commitment at Adobe.
    The Adobe products have show the ability to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome technologies changing times which is also an adopted mantra in many units of the United States Marine Corps.
    Your gratitude towards our service is greatly appreciated and it has be an honor to serve this county.
    To all of my Veterans now employed in the Adobe House, thank you for your service as we stood tall to the call.
    Semper Fi,
    Lloyd Parker

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