Photoshop CS5 hidden gem: Mini Bridge

Browse visually from within Photoshop (and InDesign), run batch actions, start full-screen slideshows, and more; Hughes explains:

2 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 hidden gem: Mini Bridge

  1. Hey John,
    Greetings from cold Kentucky. Like this gem you posted.
    On another note, I thought the folks at Adobe are getting some flipboard attention, not that you want it. I use flipboard and like it and recently posted some info on my twitter and facebook with in flipboard. Little did I know that adobe carousal (my) would show up. The link for any ant Adobe who would like to see.
    Kind regards
    Ken in Kentucky!/klaw5546/status/137568488456851457/photo/1

  2. I like these hidden gems. Quick and easy to watch. Is there a website where all the hidden gem videos are listed together?
    I recently took the plunge and bought CS5 Production Premium. I’ve never owned it before. No regrets at all, I’m glad I waited all these years for version 5, it’s an amazing package. I just wish I could work with it full time.

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