Adobe Carousel surpasses a million downloads

“On October 27th we launched Adobe Carousel,” writes PM Sumner Paine, “and within a few short weeks we’ve already surpassed 1,000,000 downloads! We’re happy to see such a tremendous response — and want to thank everyone who jumped on board and downloaded the app on their iPhones, iPads and Macs.”
Though the team isn’t yet ready to talk in detail about future plans, check out Sumner’s post to hear about some areas they’re considering.

4 thoughts on “Adobe Carousel surpasses a million downloads

  1. Hi John
    I am your admirer and I appreciate your attention to each person who writes for you.
    Congratulations on the development of ADOBE Carroussel and tools for tablets …
    I signed up this post because I wanted to know why there is no version of Photoshop for Linux.
    So now all tablets will run Android and other Linux-based OS.
    CHROME OS is coming soon
    I think it would be the time of ADOBE start thinking about this possibility. Do at least Photoshop to Linux.
    I am Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop
    I’m Instructor (ACI but not yet)
    Thanks for your attention

  2. Hi John
    This looks nice.
    Apparently it’s called Adobe Carousel. I learnt that from the video – Chris said it eight times, in 1:20. That’s once every 10 seconds, does he (or the video editors) think we are goldfish?

  3. The interface on iOS is awesome, the one-touch fx are better than anything else I’ve seen on iOS. I was really excited when I first started playing with it b/c of the possibility of being able to work on my Lightroom collections remotely, from any device. Then I installed it on my desktop…and was extremely disappointed to find out there is no RAW support. I hope they are going to add support for RAW, otherwise the app is useless and the great interface isn’t enough incentive to sign up for a paid subscription when Apple is giving the same functionality in iCloud for free.

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