Cameras + Choppers

Small, ubiquitous video capture & aviation make a potent combo. The NY Times features a story about amateur video helping in air crash investigations. Elsewhere, clashes in the streets of Warsaw have been captured by small, remote helicopter:

I find the effect both exciting and unnerving. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” and capturing misbehavior begets exposure, outrage, and action. Or does it? I wonder whether the aerial footage introduces a “cinemification” element, a sense that real life is simply more TV, more entertainment. I don’t know; I’m not complaining, just wondering aloud a bit. [Via]

5 thoughts on “Cameras + Choppers

  1. I think that it is to everyones benefit that these recorders are being priced down to usability. … To me, the advent of personal flying cameras are like the personal computers as they moved out of the hands few, and into the living rooms of us all. Information, without spin is a good thing. … I do know there will be people that spin their version of the information, but we will be able to gather our own information that either, confirms or refutes, the premises.

  2. However useful this technology would be to law enforcement, I can’t see it being used here in the UK. If the helicopter failed (or was shot down with a well aimed brick) and fell onto a member of the public causing injury there would a huge public enquiry and law suits as well as helicopters would fly in all directions. Big bucks (well, over here, pounds) all round.
    All that said, our Government is in a pretty desperate shape and they’re capable of anything. They do have a tendency to underestimate the ingenuity of the average British rioter however!

  3. It’s all about the soundtrack, add Ride of the Valkyries to this and it’s cinema. Keep the annoying buzz and it’s a documentary.
    [Heh–well put. –J.]

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