3 thoughts on “Vincent Laforet talks about switching to Premiere Pro

  1. Well, I gotta admit; as a former FCP user, I’m loving this combo. Deep, deep feature set. And now that Adobe has, uh, “acquired” Wes Plate… let’s just say Adobe is putting their money where their mouth is wrt professionals. Apple; not so much. I’m going to a Final Cut Pro User’s Group next week and the subject is…wait for it…Premiere!

  2. Don’t know how much someone have paid Laforet for this story …
    The combo could be great if the Engineering Team would have a heart to correct/implement those missing and lacking interface, usability and workflow issues.
    You can read about the rants in the www from even highly distinguished professional users.
    If the engineering team could use FCP (not X) as a starting point regarding workflow and usability, Premiere CS6 could reach top of the mountains. But, I’m afraid they won’t make it again …
    And if Steve Forde could push himself and his team to concentrate on the real important stuff we’re talking about since years now instead of new features (don’t you dare bringing 3D text as the next big thing in CS6!!!) I swear i’ll then eat Nuke for breakfast and lunch forever, i swear to god, even if it will be the hardest thing for me to move away from After Effects!

  3. @ fcpugg – what ARE you going on about? How about some examples of actual problems? God help the Adobe teams if this is the kind of suggestions people send them! I for one would like to see 3D support in AE – not as the primary or only addition in AE 6 but just to get it on par with PS.

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