Video: MWAC Attack

Kinda fun, though the YouTube comments really make it (“Did you know that just like how DSLR’s have a P for Professional mode, Minivans also have an R for Racecar mode? #coolfacts”; “DANG and to think I have been shooting in ‘M’ for ‘Moron'”).

“MWAC,” incidentally, is “Mother With A Camera.”

3 thoughts on “Video: MWAC Attack

  1. The best comments are from those who say you can’t be a professional without knowing about f-stops and who are deeply afraid she really might be serious.

  2. Silly me! I always thought the the “P” stood for “programmed mode”, which is anything but a professional set-up. I suppose the camera manuals are wrong.

  3. To a point she is ‘correct’, cameras are so good now that they will take a correctly exposed photograph most of the time. Of course this misses the point entirely, as all of who ‘know’ will testify, the use of f-stop is not just about exposure but about perceived depth of focus, and faster shutter speeds are needed to freeze action etc. I guess for her, where no doubt her subjects ‘stand still’, and I bet she has ‘just the one lens, as you don’t need any others’ too.
    What with WYSIWYG web editors and better cameras, it is amusing to see how many people now say they are ‘professional’ at something, but actually they haven’t got a clue. A ‘real’ pro knows what is wrong and how to fix it when things don’t quite go to plan, and can create something special out of the seemingly ordinary.

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