Time lapse: Sydney harbor

Think we’ve beaten the tilt-shift faux miniature thing entirely into the ground yet? Me neither! Here’s another fun one:


10 thoughts on “Time lapse: Sydney harbor

  1. boooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg
    maybe you should use your blog for something usefull like infos about upcoming adobe releases?
    [And maybe you should bite my snowman’s ass. (Merry Christmas!) –J.]
    if i want timelaps videos i go to youtube and type in “timelaps” .. it´s not that complicate.
    [It not that spell, either. –J.]
    but why not giving us some hints about LR 4 or CS6?
    and if that is not possible there are sure enough nice tools, scripts, actions for adobe products.
    but this timelaps stuff is so boring… “hey here is my new iphone” like boring….

  2. Not so far away for me. I live in Sydney and its still great to see this beautiful city highlighted like this. A nice way to spend 3 minutes. Thanks John. Have a great holiday!

  3. Well, that was interesting, and beautiful in spots, but now I think we can safely say “yes” we finally have beaten the faux tilt/shift thing (particularly the ones, such as this example, that barely resemble actually using tilt/shift) into the ground.

  4. Fantastic! I found the tilt shift the most effective when looking down on the city streets. A good deal of the rest felt forced and not to terribly appropriate. BUT…what an incredible time lapse of an amazing place. Thanks for posting that!

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