Adobe Carousel renamed "Adobe Revel"

From the Carousel Revel team:

We originally chose the name Adobe Carousel because it was descriptive of core functionality in the product – access to all your photos on any device (i.e., viewing photographs in a circular manner, like a carousel).

Revel means to take great pleasure or delight…and that’s what we hope to do in the future as we continue to add more functionality and fun to the app. In the future, you can expect we will also be able to offer additional photography solutions on the newly named Adobe Revel platform.

The app has also been updated to v1.1, enabling automatic photo import, adding Flickr sharing, and polishing a few other details.

4 thoughts on “Adobe Carousel renamed "Adobe Revel"

  1. Name change eh? So that’s why the Adobe T-shirt I got @PS World was so ambiguously designed. People keep trying to pull that little red tag off my sleeve…

  2. I am digging deep here, but wasn’t Acrobat originally called Carousel? Perhaps that was the project name. Any Adobe “historians” out there?
    [Yes, I think you’re right! Here’s more info. –J.]

  3. I still wouldn’t pay for a subscription to this product until/unless they offer RAW support. The interface is killer and I wouldn’t even think twice about it if it weren’t for that glaring omission. Meanwhile I’m happy to use Apple’s photostream for free instead.

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