VSCO Film for Lightroom & Camera Raw

VSCO Film promises to emulate classic film looks with minimal effort. The product “utilizes camera specific film profiles to alter the way Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw sees your RAW file.” Check it out:

Photographer Jeremy Cowart writes, “I consider myself to be a Photoshop purist. I hate all things actions/filters/presets, etc. But because I liked these guys so much, I decided to look into it more. Then I was blown away…” His post features numerous sample images produced with these tools.

11 thoughts on “VSCO Film for Lightroom & Camera Raw

  1. It’s funny how people argued that film was superior to digital for so many years yet when a photographer recreates ‘film looks’ like here, they appear really poor quality – in a good way I should add.
    Some very nice work on Jeremy’s site.
    Random observation – I rarely come across other Jeremy’s, but if I do, rather bizarrely they are usually photographers too.

  2. Curious – why is it everywhere that RAW is capitalized? I thought this was a format of an image, not an acronym.
    [Adobe’s convention is simply to say “raw,” as the term is a simple adjective and neither a proper name (“Raw”) nor an acronym. Apple & others prefer the (aggro, to my eye) “RAW” convention. –J.]
    Am I missing something?
    (not a photographer, so – I may be way off?)
    Just curious.

  3. What makes VSCO special vs other presets are the use of custom camera profiles. On my D3 and D700 they produce something that’s almost believable as Fuji 400H. They really allow me to have a specific look that can be consistently replicated across all my images

  4. Do most folks find presets and profiles difficult or hard to discover?
    These may be better than other commercial preset libraries. Yes, it’s cool that they leverage profiles.
    But when I teach Lightroom, very very few students find it challenging to create presets of their own for a custom “look”, film or otherwise. And using something like the ColorChecker Passport, we can get different cameras at the same or a really similar starting points.
    I guess I don’t mind clicking more than once to achieve a look that’s all mine. Then again, I got a kick out of making composite images in a darkroom. (no, I don’t miss it…)

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