Lightroom 4 demo/Q&A and more this Tuesday

The San Jose user group meets Tuesday (pizza starting at 6:30) at Adobe HQ. [Update: A similar event is happening Tuesday in Seattle.]

First, exciting news! Lightroom 4 public beta is now available as a free download! Join Lightroom Product Manager Sharad Mangalick as he walks us through the new features in Lightroom 4 beta.

Lightroom 4 has something for those starting out, as well as more advanced users. The team has been working on new features like the geo-tagging map module, DSLR video support, photo book creation and much more.

Next, we will hear from professional photographer John Lund. John has been using Photoshop for over twenty years. He will share his work, how it has changed over the years, and, just as importantly, how it has remained the same. He will show his favorite work, share some before and after images and discuss how he gets his ideas as well as explaining his approach to creating new photographic realities.


Please see the invite for details & to RSVP.


2 thoughts on “Lightroom 4 demo/Q&A and more this Tuesday

  1. tell them to make GPS much better and ask them if the slugginess is because it´s a beta.
    it´s very unresponsfull here (i7 2600k, 16 GB ram).
    pushing sliders is like working with a 4 years old AMD system. v3.6 is much faster.

  2. drop 32 bit support too!!!
    to much development and support for 32 bit.
    64 bit is the future.
    and everone who has the money to buy LR spould have enough money for win7 + 8 GB ram.
    time moves on… but some still stick with 32 bit stuff 🙁

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