Five people playing a single guitar

No, I don’t really know what it has to do with this blog, either. Pretty great, though, right?

The original version makes interesting use of stop-motion painting (ah, there’s the tangential connection):

5 thoughts on “Five people playing a single guitar

  1. I saw the Walk Off The Earth video a few days ago. Blew my mind.
    While surfing the web the next day I found out they were booked to play just up the road from me, the annual Wiarton Willie Groundhog Festival on Feb 4.
    Seemed like too great of a coincidence to ignore.
    Anyhoo, if you or your readers want to come up to the Great White North in the dead of winter, please check it out here:

  2. Here’s a video that compares the cover and the original by having them run simultaneously in the same video, the cover and the original each taking a single stereo channel (left and right, respectively):
    It’s an interesting view, and surprising how close they are in virtually every respect.

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