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  1. I just hope the performance for editing is better than it is with the Lightroom 4 beta. I much prefer the new sliders–it’s faster to get the exposure I want (and possible in cases where it wasn’t before), though maybe a little too easy to go punchy-crazy for those who don’t feel so anchored to reality as I do. But the LR4 beta is painfully slow. I’m not sure how much is because it’s beta code and how much is because it’s a more complicated process version.

  2. I agree with Stephen 100%. Especially on the performance. I use LR3 all the time with very good response but LR4 beta is so slow I really haven’t been able to test it.

      1. You can also specify in ACR to always open the image as a smart object. You can do this by clicking on the “hyperlink” at the bottom of the ACR window. This allows you to set custom workflow options for ACR.
        As a side note it is possible to set Photoshop to always open TIFF and/or JPEG files in ACR before its opened in photoshop. Loads of fun!
        P.s. if you go to Russell Browns script page you can download an awesome script to open an existing layer in ACR, go here: russellbrown.com/scripts.html and look for the script called “Edit Layers in ACR 1.1.5” its the second one in the CS5 section.

    1. Eirik-
      Yes, you can open Raw files as a smart object layer in Photoshop. It can be a very powerful way of working with the images.

  3. obligatory “wow, i can change the color of ps’ interface” comment. please see dearadobe.com for a list of ideas that the dev team might spend more time on….

    1. And please see every previous sneak, where someone says “That’s ALL you did?? What about X…?” These demos are deliberately limited in scope.

  4. Pheeew, Color Themes?
    What the … stay CONSOSTENT within you Applications guys!
    Bridge has a sliders, Ae has sliders for Interface color.
    This is so ridiculous, outdated an bloated!
    Do you guys will stay forever with Aqua and those bloated dialogues?
    For christs sake, please hire someone who is seeing these paths to nowhere!

  5. Sneak peek 2 is on the photoshop channel as well. Background save and a much, much smoother liquify filter with a much larger maximum brush size.

  6. It looks to me like Adobe is going the Microsoft Office route.
    They’re running out of things to add, and so now they’re down to changing the toolbar layout and the color of the chrome on the UI…
    Getting a little tired of paying expensive upgrade prices just so I can get bug fixes and a mere half-dozen enhancements.

  7. Around 1:10 love that you finally took a cue from Pixelmator and Lion’s full screen OSX to improve the awful interface clutter.

  8. New slider is faster and really better than with the last lightroom version…
    Need more than 2:25 to be really addict.

  9. Please, please, please, please, please, please tell me CS6 will have editable round corners on vector shapes?
    It is painful creating interfaces with the current setup.

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