Scott Kelby: "Why I Think Lightroom 4 is Going To Sell Like Crazy"

He writes,

“Your photos look better processed in Lightroom 4. Period… The improvements in Lightroom’s Development module are so significant, and so much better than what we’ve ever had before, that I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find most anyone still using Lightroom 3 in just a few months from now.”

As Bryan demos & notes in the Photoshop sneak below, the same engine is coming to PS, and you can try it out in LR4 right now.

13 thoughts on “Scott Kelby: "Why I Think Lightroom 4 is Going To Sell Like Crazy"

  1. it will only sell like crazy if adobe fixes the bugs.
    1) the sliders behave like a stubborn mule,
    they don´t move … they crawl.
    they behave like my intel i7 2600k with 16 GB ram is a pentium90 or amd k6.
    2) when you change the rendering from “adobe standard” to “camera standard” and back, i get some stange color rendering.
    normaly nothing should change when i do this adobe standard -> camera standard -> adobe standard.
    but after this the adobe standard look completely wrong.
    3) crashes….. LR4 is crashing very often.
    more then any beta before.
    im back to using LR3 that works MUCH MUCH smoother and better. even with a catalog that has 120000 pictures and not only 4000 like my LR4 catalog.
    i hope adobe will fix that.. scott kelby wants to sell books that´s why he has no bad word for LR4.

    1. LR4 is beta.
      In the LR1 beta it was slower than molasses too. Adobe did performance optimizations before the 1.0 release. The same thing happened with the LR3 beta, so I suspect the same will happen for LR4.

  2. I tried for 20 minutes and after many crashes I gave up. Could not even try any features at all, especially the new book feature, which I was very keen to have a go at.

  3. We are probably not talking about the same app because I experienced no crashes so far and the sliders are responsive, no more no less than Lr3.
    Regarding the color cast problem, it has been acknowledged and will be fixed in the final release.
    Rgds, Gilles.

  4. I was a big fan of Scott’s books back I the day (moved over to iPad and not bought any actual books in a while) but he is not exactly an objective source! 🙂 I am testing the beta and have found it to be responsive but would never use it for mission critical work like some commentors seem to be doing!

  5. Cough Cough! Excuse us if we don’t take it with a grain of salt. Wasn’t the last creative suite .5 upgrade being claimed as revolutionary??? Sure adobe let’s just calm down and stop hyping the program for the stockholders. Everyone knows Scott is adobe’s bitch 😉 no offense. He’d hype it up just go he could sell more lectures/books and get adobe’s support. Nothing against scott he seems like a nice guy however Scott doesn’t exactly come across as neutral. He’s more like a politician getting money on the side. I wouldn’t take his suggestion/comments as something to be counted on.
    Each new version they add bug fixes fix camera support. Each new version while nice rarely adds anything “revolutionary” to the table. More stability and fixes is what I’ve mainly seen.

    1. I have to disagree with you.
      Yes, Mr Kelby is “Team Adobe”, but he was the one that send that really important letter about the pricing and upgrade policies a couple of months ago.
      I personally find his books a little annoying, and his videos even more. Full of good tips, but too “happy” for my taste (I prefer a more serious geeky tutorial like Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe)
      About the revolutionary part… Well, after 10 minutes working with the new 2012 process, I was amazed.
      The maps functionality is really good, even if I have to go back and tag all the photos (I already have them with localization on metadata, but no GPS)
      Last version’s Lens Correction saved me hours of work. For me that was the most important feature from photoshop (I do architecture, and landscape, so this little feature was a dream come true)
      So yes, maybe a few things will not be so revolutionary for you, but for others they are.
      And…. what about soft proofing? I drool over that one!
      I haven’t got to work full time with the new version, mostly because I can’t import all my “smart collections” and the “publishing services” from LR3, so I will have to wait until the full release.
      I understand and accept your point, I just don’t share it.

  6. Guys, it is a beta. So speed here is no indication of what the final will be like, optimization happens towards the very end of the process.
    As for the Kelby hype machine, no agreements from me!
    That said, PV2012 is quite good and a major improvement over PV2010 (just play around with highlight recovery. Adobe finally fixed the color shifting and banding). I’m a huge fan of the new soft proofing (another disagreement I have with Mr. K). Now I can make output specific edits on a VC and print directly in LR. No more trips to Photoshop for that.
    Pretty happy with the book module (goodby Aperture, which I used just for that).

  7. I really like what I can see so far but it crashes so often it’s too much of a pain to try. The only time I have been able to use is if the filmstrip is closed otherwise whenever I change images it crashes.
    Getting nervous about upgrading since LR has been my main program since its inception. Don’t know what I will do if this persists. Hopefully Adobe will let out another Beta before I have to decide to buy

  8. LR4 – Crashes too often.
    When LR4 works it is amazing, but most of the time, I have to open in CS5 as ligthroom flashes white screen, then partial screen, the does not respond, and then the famous Ctrl-Alt_Del and shutdown.
    What is going on?

  9. LR 4 Crashes — it has worked maybe twice in “Development” the rest of the time is flashes white, then partial boxes then a white screen.
    I have work to do. Please fix this!
    For now it is back to bridge.

  10. Lightroom 4 SUCKS. PERIOD.
    It’s like the camera that has the best image quality and lenses and highest resolution but with a lens cap welded on.
    It will not under any circumstance even allow the import module to run without crashing.
    Not a single fix or solution is offered on any of the adobe forums and posts asking why adobe released this pos and how to fix it keep getting shuffled around like a deck of cards.

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