Q&A tomorrow: Creative Cloud membership

[Update: This session has been postponed until Friday the 16th.]

Noon Pacific on Friday:

Join Evangelist Paul Trani and Product Manager Yashodhan Gokhale for this hour-long session and learn how the Adobe Creative Cloud is going to reinvent the creative process. You’ll see how members can access all Adobe Creative Suite CS6 desktop tools, Adobe Touch Apps, and Adobe services allowing them to take creative ideas from concept to publishing–at breakthrough pricing starting at US$49.99 per month.

[Update: You can log into the Connect room when the session starts (or a bit beforehand).]

7 thoughts on “Q&A tomorrow: Creative Cloud membership

  1. Facebook is great and all, but some companies (like mine) block access to Facebook. I would love to find out more about the Creative Cloud and more specifically find out what you mean by “pricing STARTING AT US$49.99 per month”. Are there going to be multiple tiers of subscription? From all the previous announcements, it sounded like there was going to be one subscription that gave you access to everything CS. Is that not the case?
    [Yes, for $50/mo you get everything in the Suite, plus other services. I’m not sure whether other options will be discussed tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up about Facebook; I’ve updated the post with a direct link to the Connect room. –J.]

  2. I’m not too sure that $600/yr is exactly a breakthrough price for the common man or woman, who is not Silicon Valley rich.

  3. There have been tons of comments on this site about the upcoming Creative Cloud service Adobe will be offering and, from what I can tell, the majority of the comments range from indifference to downright hostility. I’m probably more towards the indifference side but the real issue to me is how disturbing it is that Adobe is so out of touch with the majority of their users. I just can’t understand how they would believe this subscription service would be viewed as a reasonable option their customers would consider. The cost is simply too high for what’s being offered. Personally, I don’t believe the majority of Design Suite users would want or need the entire master collection that’s being offered in this package. I also and a little skeptical about the value of the touch apps. Sure, they’re fun to play around with but how often to designers really use them versus simply doing the work on their desktop/laptop? Some of the value-add services seem a little interesting but, again, none of it seems enticing enough to part with $600 PER YEAR!! They need to cut the price to $25-$35/month.

  4. It’s hard for me to imagine that Adobe wouldn’t sign up three times as many cloudies at $25/mo than it will at $50. There’s a magic perception point where it suddenly becomes irresistable, and it’s a lot lower than “what the market will bear.” Amaze us. Make us giddy with the power of CS6 etc., while we continue to survive with 1/4 of the customers we had 4 years ago.

  5. The thing I find interesting about this whole issue, is the condemnation of adobe for 50 bucks a month, for EVERY thing you would ever need. Heck, many of us pay 40 bucks a month to Lynda.com, just to be able to use everything we have. The upfront cost of the CS Mastersuite is prohibitive for many, and then the never ending big chunk updates, which, with ever changing tech and standards will only become more frequent. Throw in cloud storage and access, special community features, and what I see, is a chance for the thousands limping along on gimp, or worse, pirated copies of outdated software to finally have an affordable way to be fully up to date, and loaded with all options. This will added countless tens of thousands of new Adobe users. Bravo, Adobe, bravo. As the Brits say, brilliant, simply brilliant.

  6. I think im best putting my money in my jar until it builds up enough money whereby I can go out and Buy Creative suite. I just hope im still doing web design in that year!

  7. Still saving up at the moment and putting money in the Jar !!!!
    I think I have to go for Apple Mac Pro and start installing all my programs before I can use 🙁

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