Creating HTML Canvas content with Flash Pro

Let’s get a lot more people making animated HTML5 content. To do that, we need to lower the barriers to entry. Letting the hundreds of thousands of people with Flash skills leverage those skills is a good solid step. Flash PM Tom Barclay shows how the Toolkit for CreateJS can help smooth the transition from ActionScript development to the JavaScript world.

And here Christian Cantrell goes into a bit more depth around things like sprite sheets:

4 thoughts on “Creating HTML Canvas content with Flash Pro

  1. Will the new version of Flash or does the current version of Edge support data binding with HTML5 animations, etc.?

  2. Pretty cool. Curious to know what the trick to get smooth canvas on mobile safari. Canvas works, but in my experience, it’s very slow, now, my instinct tells me there is a trick, but did not have find it yet.

  3. I had always thought that Flash Pro would be the Adobe’s development platform for HTML5 content, but with the appearance of Edge, I’m not clear on what Adobe’s plans are in terms of authoring tools. Could you shed some light on that?
    [My unofficial $.02: Exporting from Flash is a really nice feature, but there’s no way to retrofit that app to be as HTML-savvy as a purpose-built tool like Edge can be. Thus Flash export is great for people who are targeting both runtimes (Flash & HTML), and for people who like the Flash animation environment and who want to leverage the skills they have in it. –J.]

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