Ask A Pro: Adaptive Publishing for Tablets

Live demo/Q&A this Friday, noon Pacific, featuring Colin Fleming:

InDesign CS6 includes exciting new features that will make designing for tablet devices more efficient than ever. You will learn about the new adaptive Design Tools—Adobe Liquid Layout, Alternate Layout, Linked Content, and how to export both horizontal and vertical layouts of a tablet design from a single InDesign file.

One thought on “Ask A Pro: Adaptive Publishing for Tablets

  1. …for “tablets”. Ha ha! You peepsas at Adobe crack me up 🙂
    [You’re right: Given that the mainstream tablet market is effectively a whole two years old, Adobe should tie its customers’ hands & only target iPads. We should make no effort to help creative people make their work look great across a variety of screen sizes. Why didn’t we think of that? –J.]

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