The new video workflow in Photoshop CS6

RC Concepcion from NAPP gives a quick tour of new Scene layers & more:

9 thoughts on “The new video workflow in Photoshop CS6

    1. Jeremy,
      I can’t think of a good reason to except that a person might not own Premiere or AE. They might only own Photoshop.
      I think it is good that PS has the basics of video editing and adjustments given that so many dSLR’s now take video.

  1. @Jeremy:
    I use Premier Pro and After Effects and a few other video-capable apps, but the new workflow in Ps is so simple, and in such a powerful environment for tweaking the photographic aspects of my shots, that it’s now incredibly fast and simple to put together rough cuts and simple tests or experiments in Ps. If I’m making something complex or large, or working with serious video FX, the other video apps are more appropriate. If there’s a whole production in the works, I’ll probably build rough cuts in Prelude because of its tight integration with Pr, but for quick short projects Ps is (with CS6) pretty hard to beat.

  2. Sounded really good.
    the audio from my Panasonic HDC-SD66 video has not been imported, as is with all Dolby Sound. I understand that this would cost money to license dolby ability. But as Apple has this in its 1Movie, sold for 15$, I wonder if this really counts as an excuse, as the upgrade price for my Photoshop extended is 532 Dollars (that is 399 Euro excluding tax).

  3. i don’t really need video in photoshop. that’s what video software is for.
    if you want to blend programs blend photoshop and illustrator.

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