Inside perspective on how PS CS6 came to be

  • Photoshop PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes has written the cover story for this month’s Photoshop User magazine. In it he & many other members of the Photoshop team share their perspective on what went into this release (especially after having cleared the hurdles of 64-bit and Cocoa conversion), who exactly builds the app (engineering, QE, localization, user research, etc.), what the heck we PM-types actually do, and more.  The issue isn’t available in HTML form, but you can grab a free copy here and read it through your browser.
  • Photoshop QE manager Jackie Lincoln-Owyang shares some Reflections on the Photoshop CS6 Beta, sharing some interesting stats (312 cases of beer, 9 babies, 2 calls to the SF fire department—all independent, we’re told) and more.

4 thoughts on “Inside perspective on how PS CS6 came to be

  1. John,
    What happened? Where’s all the cool stuff you used to post? All the Lego stop motion, beautiful videos, handmade stuff, stunning design projects, all the fun beautiful creative stuff! Where is it?
    I’ve pretty much stopped coming to this blog because it is all just Adobe, Adobe, Adobe…. If I wanted that I’d go to the product page, or the awesome videos on Adobe YouTube channel. This sort of stuff isn’t why I came here. Having a quick look around at the comments, or lack of, it appears I’m not the only one.
    You were a great voice for Adobe, which as a company doesn’t always have the best reputation (rightly or wrongly).
    Sorry to be so negative, just really missing your sense of fun and insights into the design world.
    [I hear you, Mike. I don’t know what to tell you. I do my best to share good stuff, and I’ll try to work in some more inspirational content. (I used to get beaten up for sharing too much of that content at the expense of “useful” Adobe-related stuff. Go figure.) –J.]

    1. Please don’t stop the ‘behind the scenes’ Adobe posts – I find this stuff genuinely fascinating.

  2. Hey John, thanks for the reply and sorry for my thoughtlessly written post. I can’t actually believe having re-read what I wrote that I could be such a troll, especially when you put in so much effort to all your posts.
    I like this sort of post too, but I really enjoyed the balance you had before where I could learn some stuff about the products and relax with the inspirational content.
    You can’t satisfy everyone though.

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