Video: Installing Multiple Languages of a CS6 Desktop App

Also: You can install a single license on both Mac & Windows.

[Via Jeff Tranberry]

6 thoughts on “Video: Installing Multiple Languages of a CS6 Desktop App

  1. Great piece of information…
    I wonder whether that also works for the non-subscription version?
    We are working in a very international corporate environment (enterprise customer) and being able to switch from a local language (German) to English would be *very* welcome.
    [I believe you can do it, but with the non-subscription version, you actually have to buy separate licenses for the different language versions. –J.]
    Installing English in the first place would have made things difficult for the designers – print-design specific language tends to be very hard to translate.
    So far we always got the answer we would have to purchase a new license to be able to switch – not really feasible…
    Why can’t all the programs work like Lightroom or Acrobat where you can switch at runtime?

  2. @Mike: seems to me it’s not possible in perpetually licensed (non-subscription) versions because multiple languages is one of the selling
    points of the Cloud apps.
    I’ve always thought that switching languages was a commercial decision by Adobe rather than a technical one.

  3. These videos are still self starting, and it is very annoying.
    [Hmm–not on my machine. I’m therefore not sure what to change. –J.]
    Sometimes I have many tabs/windows open and can’t even find the darn thing to shut it off. Today for ex, the video is from days and days ago in the blog and I had to ‘run around’ trying to find it. Other days it might be on Adobe TV someplace or…
    If we want to view them, we can start them.

  4. Hi John,
    a little more detail. Today the video automatically started maybe 10 minutes after the page was opened. Anyone on the ball like you would maybe never notice even if it did happen.
    I open a lot of pages automatically each morning and then spend a while leafing through them.
    In any case, it is not really a big deal. probably shouldn’t be taking space here blathering about it.

  5. Hi, thanks for the video. It tells me how to “install” a different language, which is great. But, how do I change languages on windows 7? There are several language settings on windows (keyboard, date time, etc) which is it using. – this is a problem for me because I am using a Japanese version of windows and so finding the right setting is no easy task, as everything is in Japanese.

  6. Cont … change language after install. I changed the default desktop app language as follows. 1) went to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Support Files\AMTLanguages 2) found the japanese language file “ja_JP” renamed it to “ja_JP_removed”. It then started to use the installed english language version. (Although I think I have all the language setting on my Japanese version of windows set to english. Before I removed the file, the app still used Japanese.

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