Inventor portrait: Ralph Baer

David Friedman sat down with 90-year-old inventor Ralph Baer, creator of the pioneering Magnavox Odyssey video game system, to reflect on his life’s work & on why he’s still inventing to this day.

Incidentally, if the Odyssey gives you a taste for ancient computer fonts, check out this.

One thought on “Inventor portrait: Ralph Baer

  1. Kudos to Ralph! I headed firmware development at Western Technologies, originator of the first LCD game watch, and the Vectrex all-in-one console (furthered by Datascan, General Consumer Electronics, and Milton Bradley), but that was all more than a decade after Baer’s Odyssey, which predated even Mattel’s Electronic Football LED game.
    As for computer fonts — thank heaven we don’t have to look at OCR-A and OCR-B any more. Or MICA fonts (although MICA is still used on checks, with magnetic ink).

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