One thought on “Adobe and NBC Olympics Join Forces to Bring the Olympics to Mobile Devices

  1. Nice job, Adobe. This seems to be the future of the delivery system.
    [and now for the tangential rant…]
    When are the content providers (NBC, etc) going to catch on? (…this Adobe/NBC venture is only available to cable subscribers…) No one wants to subscribe to 500 channels anymore. I got rid of cable long ago and use the a la carte plan (via Apple TV/iTunes/Netflix). But live events like the Olympics are not available. If they (NBC) charged $10, $20, $50, hell, even $100 for full access to the Olympics, I (and I suspect many others) would gladly pay it. Anything to keep from shelling out $180/month for a bunch of brain-dead reality shows and 24-hour “news” programs.

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