6 thoughts on “New demo of the Leap motion tracker

  1. Very interested how we implement this into our software and enhace our tools vs. create new tools.
    Imagine 3D space in After Effecs, Photoshop and Illustrator. Think of rearanging assets in Premiere Pro, Encore, InDesign and Flash. Spay color into pictures and allow phtographers to browse thru thousands of Lightroom pictures like in Coloris….

    Tilo Rust
    Consultant, Trainer, Top-Level Supporter for Adobe Master collection & more…

  2. Fun toy, but holding your arm up for any length of time gets pretty tiring. That’s why the mouse (which keeps your arm at rest) won out over the light pen.
    [I’ve never expected for a second that UIs like this would entirely replace keyboards, trackpads, etc. Rather, what’s so exciting here is the prospect of something one can use momentarily to augment other inputs in uniquely efficient ways. And because the price point is said to be so low, it’s easier to imagine this working in parallel with other inputs. –J.]
    But who knows – maybe we’ll recognize future nerds by their bulging deltoid muscles.
    [God help us… –J.]

  3. This device is a much bigger deal than just waving your hands around for fruit ninja. While true that the mouse beat out the light pen, there’s a niche of users that still love their pens and tablets (wacom users).
    But back to the tired arms instead of the rested mouse. There’s no reason why it couldn’t track the motions of your fingers moving on your desk (like using an invisible track pad) or the motions of your pencil like apparatus dragging across your monitor like a Cintiq at a fraction of the price.
    And those are just rudimentary uses for the technology. Since it can fully track you in 3D space, the thought of using it for sculpting in something like zbrush just makes me giddy.

  4. This is amazing! Like “Minority Report”-amazing.
    The possibilities are endless. Converting any screen into a touchscreen, better drawing, sculpting, 3D manipulation… I can’t wait!

  5. Anyone else notice how much he talked with his hands even when he wasn’t interacting with the device? One one hand, I’m thinking that part of why such a device works so well for him is that he’s so naturally wired to use his hands in that way. The flip side is, it better have a good on/off switch because if it doesn’t he’s going to be having a conversation with someone & accidentally delete/edit a ton of data. 🙂

  6. I’m really interested in using this for 3D CAD applications. I use a 3DConnexion spacemouse and love it, but it’d be SOOOO much easier to just reach out and spin the model in the direction I want.

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