A 3D Olympics logo done in Photoshop

Even though Photoshop Extended is not (and is not promoted as being) a 3D modeling app, Corey Barker of NAPP decided to see how close he could get to NBC’s animated Olympics logo. (Non time-delayed spoiler: Pretty close!)

[Via Zorana Gee]

6 thoughts on “A 3D Olympics logo done in Photoshop

  1. Is there a non-timelapse version where he goes in-depth and explains his process? I’m sure it would be an epic tutorial, but it looked like he delved in-depth into a lot of different techniques.

  2. Was that maybe a tutorial for MENSA members? Could he slow it down a whole lot–I’m not that bright! Seriously, what Bryan said! It would make a great mega-tutorial…

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