A Rather Magnificent Seven

Seven years, 3,395 posts, 27,286 comments… It’s been quite a ride since I started blogging here seven years ago today. The blog has been a terrific way to share ideas, engage with customers, wrestle tough issues, and occasionally start (well-intentioned) trouble. Thanks so much for reading, writing, and even ranting. I couldn’t do it, and wouldn’t do it, without you.
Have I learned anything interesting along the way? Nothing too profound, I think: Love it, or don’t bother faking. Respect your readers’ time & attention, rewarding steady visits while omitting anything you wouldn’t want to read. Be loyal to them & they just might return the favor. Don’t try to be a kamikaze social media hero over weekends & holidays, unless you absolutely must. Remember that your writing, even your comments, lives forever, and someday someone (let’s say a lawyer) might present you with an inch-thick printout (flattering!). Like I say, you’d better love it. But remember, too, how insanely lucky we are to have the time & tools to connect like this, and hopefully to illuminate one another’s lives just a bit.
Thanks again, and please keep those cards & letters coming,
[From the archives: Turning 1,000]

9 thoughts on “A Rather Magnificent Seven

  1. Thanks for all your efforts, John, and thanks too to Adobe for recognizing the value of permitting its managers to communicate with users in this way. Not only is it interesting and helpful to us, but I expect it’s also a worthwhile avenue for you Adobe folks to get feedback from and take the temperature of the user base. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on the 7 year anniversary of blogging John. Your blog is as much a favorite now as when I first discovered it. Keep up the great work and keep having fun doing it.

  3. John, I only subscribe to and follow one blog. Yours is not only interesting from a Photoshop/Adobe product user point-of-view, but it is also stimulating, inspiring and entertaining as well. That’s not an easy task, but you’re obviously up to it! Keep it coming…

  4. Congrats, and thanks for all the inspiration. Sometimes it’s almost a full time job just keeping up with the jnack firehose!
    Jason “Stormchild”
    64-bit Wet Blanket Guy Fan Club Member #000001

  5. Nicely said. Your’s is one of my “must check” blogs every weekday. There’s always something you find that’s of interest. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  6. Thanks for all your gazillions of interesting posts all these years, John! They are both educational, informational and plain fun. Yes, I still visit your blog regularly, though I’ve been mercifully otherwise quiet.

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