VSCO Keys customizes Lightroom shortcuts

Visual Supply Co., makers of popular image adjustment presets for Lightroom, has announced VSCO Keys. According to the press release,

VSCO Keys™, a powerful keyboard shortcut tool created to drastically reduce image editing time in Adobe Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 3. Fully customizable, lightning fast and economically priced… Using the VSCO Keys online app, photographers can add, change or delete shortcut keys, or even save multiple keyboard configurations.


They note,

We’re not automating the mouse; you’ll notice sliders just move by themselves when you press a key. This allows us to access all tools and presets in Lightroom’s Develop Panel, not just what’s visible and clickable on the screen. It also enables the user to edit their photos in any mode or layout of Lightroom. You can even hide all the panels and it will still work… VSCO Keys is totally customizable through the online app, allowing you to assign any tool in the Develop Panel, any preset, and most Lightroom shortcuts to any key on the keyboard to suite your own needs.


VSCO Keys costs $79 (or $59.25 for users of other VSCO products).

3 thoughts on “VSCO Keys customizes Lightroom shortcuts

  1. I’ve been using VSCO LR presets which have been top notch so when they announced the VSCO keyboard I was intrigued and got the trial. After a week I bought the keys. I’ve been using specialized LR keyboards for the past couple of years and though I’ve liked them and they sped up my workflow they just did not measure up to my expectations with learning curves or specialized hardware that could cost twice as much as LR. I like the fact that I’m using my own keyboard and that I have the pdf if I forget. My next step is to get some keyboard stickers for my keyboard and label them to sped up the process of memorization and the cost for that is only 10 bucks

  2. Thanks for the heads up, this looks pretty cool! I really try to refrain from Adobe Griping, but I have to honestly ask: Isn’t this the kind of functionality that should be built into any program? Are we really reduced to turning to 3rd party solutions for…. keyboard shortcuts?
    I was ecstatic when (limited) customizable shortcuts were added to Photoshop, and as much as I evangelize Lightroom I often find myself asking, “shouldn’t there be a keyboard shortcut for that?”
    Hard-core video gamers often have customized keyboard layouts for a game. Am I missing something? Is it an enormous engineering task to add deeper elements of shortcut customization? Rant over. Thanks again for the link.

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