iPad laser virtual keyboard

“It’s the most fun you can have with lasers without a cat,” they say. Hmm—be that as it may, I have a hard time imagining people shelling out $179 and then using this thing comfortably. Still clever, though.

[Via Guy Nicholas]

4 thoughts on “iPad laser virtual keyboard

  1. So instead of typing on glass, you’re typing on a table? It’s just as slow as the normal keyboard on an iPad. Also, this tech has been around for years. Makes more sense to use it with a phone, but even then…

    1. Exactly my thought. Those have been around for ages. One of my professors had one of these. It was a great thing to show-off, but he rarely used it productively.

  2. I have tried it a while ago and sent it back: first of all, not understandable at all: you only have the US/UK keyboard as an option, no other international keyboard as on Windows or Mac default.
    Then it does not project without distortion and not big enough to suit all hands. The best projection point collides with the display device.
    Typing is not very reliable, so I did not achieve the speed I manage on an iPad original keyboard on its glass surface.
    And value for money? A joke.

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