Design: "The Most Badass Tumbleweed I've Ever Seen"

“At first I though it was going to be about a 14 yr. old kid escaping the country by riding inside of a tumbleweed,” my friend quips. It’s even better than that. Upworthy writes,

Massoud Hassani was smuggled out of Afghanistan when he was 14-years-old. Watch his story about returning to Kabul and putting his product design skills to work to build a tool for cheaply surveying and raising awareness about the hundreds of thousands of land mines still hidden in Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Design: "The Most Badass Tumbleweed I've Ever Seen"

  1. John,
    Like this post. I need visual stories like this to remind me how good a life I have in America. I “trend” toward being wrapped around my own axle.
    Kind Regards, and Merry Christmas
    Ken in KY
    [You and me both! And same to you, Ken. –J.]

  2. I was sad to learn that he had lost is father to one of these mindless devices. As I continued to watch I felt lifted that he was able to channel that loss into such an amazing design for good. I’d like to think that was able to spare another child from his own tragedy with this design. There are some amazing people on this small planet.
    This was good, Thanks for sharing John.

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