Demo: New features in Adobe Ideas v2.5

As I noted last month, Adobe’s vector-based drawing app for iPhone & iPad recently added speed-sensitive line thickness, a paint bucket, layer merging/flipping/duplications, and an eyedropper tool. Here PM Takashi Morifusa shows off the new tools:

4 thoughts on “Demo: New features in Adobe Ideas v2.5

  1. Yep, just amazing. Really love Adobe Ideas.
    One thing that I am sure has already bee discuss is adding a text component. I happen to use it a lot fo quick diagramming, and writing tex is a little be cumbersome.
    No, I understand that such a feature could break the “free form purity” of the tool.

  2. Amazing – This tool keep growing and growing.. Love it!
    Just with Apple would make a iPad XXL so i would have more space 🙂

  3. Totally loving Ideas, use my illos in Illustrator, Photoshop, AE. In the future would love to see some text tools, the ability to rotate the angle of the pen nib, and maybe some textured brush strokes (like some of the paint tools in Brushes and SketchBookPro). A vector pen tool would be nice, too.

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