Photoshop CS6 Extended gains new 3D features

The CS6 update (13.1) posted yesterday gives Creative Cloud members new features in Photoshop Extended. The team writes,

  • Improved 3D effects: Save time and steps with improved live (OpenGL) previews of shadow effects as well as reflection roughness and refraction. Also, get more control over illumination by using a 32-bit color picker to create amazing glow effects.
  • Image-based lighting enhancements: Get enhanced lighting when you illuminate your scenes using 32-bit HDR images as light sources or create other image-based lights (IBLs).
  • Enhanced details for textures: Improve the lighting of bumps and textures on 3D objects by automatically generating a normal map.

Here’s a 2-minute tour from PM Zorana Gee:

21 thoughts on “Photoshop CS6 Extended gains new 3D features

    1. Currently in Photoshop CS6 (and the 13.1 recent release as well) we have re-editable text layers. If you have a 3D Type layer, simply right click on the mesh with the Type Tool and select “Re-edit Type” and you will get the original Type layer view. Or simply have the 3D type layer selected and change the font from Character and paragraph panels.

      1. dang i guess i never got the chase to see that. thanks for clarifying i guess i need to upgrade my hardware again 🙁

  1. well pirates enjoy these new features already.
    but i am… who payed 2599 euro for the master collection does not have the features.
    it was the last time i bought a CS suite.. thats for sure.

    1. You’re saying that the service is pirated? Unlikely i think. Hey John is the loss of 3D on 13.1 a bug or is that permanent? Just got to start using it my MBP is only 3 years old! Thanks!

      1. yeah i saw that warning but the way it was worded i guess ended up going more hope then i should have had i suppose. Might i humbly suggest that the wording of that dialog change from:
        “This only applies to 3D features which require 512MB…”
        “This applies to all 3D features which require 512MB…” or maybe just taking the note out all together, unless of course i’m still missing something and there are some 3D features i can still use. I think this may cause a lot of confusion for people like me who just had those capabilities added with the previous update. Thanks again for the update and clarification.

  2. I’m with Mormon. As a Master Suite owner it continues to truly annoy that non-Cloud users will not get these upgrades. Surely it is not beyond the wit of Adobe to offer these upgrades to those of us who have been paying into Adobe for many a long year. Loyal customers snubbed yet again. Please Adobe, stop shunning us. You are biting the hand that fees you in order to suit your own marketing ambitions.

  3. The number one feature I want with 3D is the ability to delete Layers inside of a scene. Many times I have to just turn off the viability for layers That don’t end up being needed. This causes some really bloated file sizes.

      1. 🙂 thanks for the reply. The 3D stuff has truely change the way I work. It is just so easy. Thank You for your part in making that happen.

  4. So I just upgrade to CS 6 Production Premium and am being punished for not wanting to use THE CLOUD. What a piece of crap. You got almost $800 of my money for no future upgrades. Nice marketing model!!! Sure makes me want to give you a thumbs up! It is really too bad you do not have any competition.

    1. wow such vitriol seems like you buy something and now aren’t happy with what you have because the monthly subscription offers more? how is this different from if they never offered it? cloud members do pay a higher overall fee for the extras they get compared to your upgrade fees just so you know.

  5. This is like a slap in the face for every loyal customer who has been paying thousands für dollars over the years. And with the purchase of Master Suites paid even upfront!!
    Adobe will have to act very quickly….

    1. you know all these new features aren’t always all sunshine and rainbows for instance as you can see from my earlier comments on this post this upgrade actually took away my ability to do 3D.
      i as cloud subscriber am actually paying more then you are assuming an 18 month upgrade fee roll your fee amortized monthly is about 29 per month. I think it was pretty clear on launch that the cloud was the new top level adobe content creation package so anyone who upgraded this soon should have understood what they were buying.
      Adobe just reported a higher then expected quarterly earnings report based on, according to the report, strong subscription service sales. That would tend to indicate that the cloud is working to turn pirates into to paying customers and even if you don’t decide to make the other decision in year when cs7 rolls out to join the cloud and get some features ahead of time you will probably benefit through a greater value (whether in price or in feature set) when that happens.

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