Demo: New CSS export from Photoshop CS6

Photoshop PM Stephen Nielson shows you how you can quickly export CSS code for text and shape styling, and also import color swatches from HTML, CSS, and SVG files.

These features are available now (check Help->Updates from within Photoshop), exclusively to Creative Cloud members.

5 thoughts on “Demo: New CSS export from Photoshop CS6

  1. There is one thing that keeps me from switching to the Creative Cloud: If I stop paying, my files will turn into a binary blob of uselessness. If there was a “Read Only” Mode in photoshop (and the other Apps, of course), this would be completely remedied.
    Kind of the same thing that microsoft does with the Word Viewer / Powerpoint Viewer. Those are free, so you can open and print (but not edit) files.
    Once one cancels their subscription, your Creative Suite could enter a “Read Only” State.
    Is there something like this planned (or already part of the Creative Cloud)?

  2. Oh. I hereby apologize for spreading wrong information! The CC-FAQ indeed states that one may use previously purchased non-cloud products
    alongside with CC-products. That’s not what I had expected – I had thought that you were only able to use the currently activated version (and if that one is inactive due to missing payments that what you had to deal with…).
    My problem with treating customers differently for no objective reasons remains.
    “We can move faster with the cloud” – what sounds logical on the surface clearly isn’t. I’m amazed that such marketing techniques indeed work…

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