3 thoughts on “Apple names Photoshop Touch "Best of 2012"

  1. Is Photoshop Touch built with Flash/AIR? If so, this would be pretty good PR for the AIR runtime on IOS.
    [It is, but for whatever reason we don’t emphasize that point. –J.]

  2. “for whatever reason”? What does that mean? Here’s a few guesses:
    1. Adobe has cut back on all their PR–wait, maybe none ever existed?
    2. Adobe is trying to keep away Carl Icahn by lowering their own value?
    3. The PhoneGap team lead by the nephew of some high-up at Adobe and doesn’t like the competition.
    4. They forgot to keep any employees on the Flash Platform team despite saying 1 year ago they were “doubling down on Flash”.
    5. They’re still scared Apple can somehow put the kibosh on AIR if they find out it’s a Trojan Horse to get Flash on iPhone.
    6. The Chief Executive Beancounter can’t figure out how to make money with AIR.
    7. They thought they sold AIR.
    8. They are in the running to win this year’s award for “most under recognized red-haired-step-daughter-of-a-product”
    Sorry I can’t think of many more–perhaps people can comment here and we’ll figure it out.
    My clients love AIR/iOS… I have plenty of work with that alone… I’m sure you’ll be able to kill it if you try hard enough but, until then, I’ll keep using it.

  3. >>>“for whatever reason”? What does that mean?
    I think there’s been a deliberate strategy by Adobe to downplay anything to do with Flash. In the face of the utter hatred Flash has confronted ever since Steve Jobs announced his desire to kill Flash, I almost don’t blame them.
    Seems like the strategy is to lay low, maintain Flash’s ubiquity through video Players and gaming, until the hate-storm blows over.
    And maybe it’ll work. Now that Jobs is dead, it’s a matter of time before Apple loses it’s mojo. Their stock is nosediving as we speak. Their market share is rapidly diminishing. Windows 8 Phone includes Flash.
    We Flash Devs are hanging by our fingernails. Of course we could code Javascript and HTML, but Flash is so much better and more fun. I look forward to the day of Apple’s demise with as much vehemence as all those Flash-haters have advocated for “just die Flash”.

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