Adobe Revel Goes Free, Adds Premium Level

Adobe Revel lets you organize your photo library, sync your photos among devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad), apply non-destructive edits, and share Web galleries. Whereas you previously had to pay a $5.99 monthly subscription, you can now use the app for free—or pay a subscription for premium service.

Everyone can now download the app & import their entire photo libraries for free. You pay only if you use the app enough to import more than 50 photos per month. Details from the team:

Here is a summary of the changes we are making to Revel:

  • We are eliminating the 30-day trial and replacing it with a free version of Revel that you can use for as long as you like.
  • You can still upgrade to Revel Premium as an in-app purchase in the Revel App.

With the free version of Revel you get:

  • The ability to import as many photos as you want in the first 30 days
  • After that you can import up to 50 photos every month

With Revel Premium you get:

  • Unlimited photo import for US$5.99 per month – import as many photos as you want, anytime you want
  • The ability to automatically import new photos added to the Camera Roll on your iPhone and iPad

For more details see the product FAQ. You can download the new version of Revel from iTunes and from the Mac App Store.


7 thoughts on “Adobe Revel Goes Free, Adds Premium Level

  1. Not a surprising move, and probably proves that adoption was relatively low.
    The main problem Adobe is hitting in the consumer market, is that consumers associate Adobe Software = $$$. So, it works for pro tools, but not for consumer. I think Adobe has the wrong brand for consumer.
    For example, I think that Revel as a cloud and mobile tool for Lightroom would get more traction, even if it had less potential.
    Anyway, I would love to be proven wrong, as I am a big fan of Adobe software.

  2. To be honest I would have thought that Revel, if it was a Creative Cloud-integrated service, would be the natural choice for Lightroom users.
    Buy Lightroom, get Revel “standard”; buy Creative Cloud, get Lightroom + Revel Premium.
    The continuing absence of this integration is puzzling.
    [I know. –J.]

  3. Rob H, definitely agree with you, but I think this is because Adobe see Revel as a way to get to consumers, whereas Lightroom is geared towards a pro audience.
    My prediction, is that as Adobe has learned with developers, they will eventually realize that their brand is really about pro creative people rather than consumers, and eventually they will do the obvious (which they have done on the developers side, by tuning down significantly their developer story in favor of the creative one).

  4. Adobe revel is an awesome programm ! I use it with lightroom and publish it on the revel cloud. Now I have all my favorite photos on my iphone and ipad so i can show them to everyone !

  5. What would be REALLY GREAT is to be able to upload directly to Revel from dedicated cameras, just like you can do from a smartphone. Why? To minimize the number of steps and to prevent copying pictures to multiple devices which inevitably leads to MULTIPLE COPIES of photos scattered everywhere. And when you have duplicates photos, you will, in doubt, upload them all to Revel.
    A basic solution would be a deduplication feature in Revel. Still, the user would have to upload the duplicates, just in case, because he would not know in advance if the picture is a duplicate or not.
    A natural solution would be to work to integrate with every camera maker (like an app, but on dedicated cameras), right? Actually I think there is a simpler solution which could be ready to market much faster: make a partnership with Eye-Fi, Sandisk, Transcend or Toshiba to add Revel accounts as a possible upload destination.
    It’s better for pictures upload to be managed by the card, rather than by an app in the camera, because if you swap the card into another camera, the new camera does not need know what has already been uploaded, the card knows it.
    That would be the holy grail of photographic workflow for the masses, from upload to sharing. You have the technology to make it happen.
    Keep up the great work

  6. Im a consumer (advanced), not a pro.
    Revel is the only service Ive found that ease the pain of having one synced library across devices.
    I can import photos on my mac and sort them,
    download them in in my ipad and show my parents and just enjoy them on the great retina display. When Im on the road I can snap photos with my dslr and import them directly to the ipad and upload to revel. When Im on the bus I can pop up my phone and take advantage of the time as a busy parent and sort and organize, share some favorites with family.
    No other serivce allows me to do this today without hazzle. Im static, I have high hopes for revel to grow and become better because as some people have pointed out it feels a bit immature, but Im giving it time 🙂
    That said apple is probably on to easing these syncing barriers as well by making the ios camera roll, iphoto os x and icloud more integrated.
    My current feature wish list for revel is:
    View photos on map
    Tag photos
    Add location to photos
    Face detection/tagging
    Metadata profiles synced across all my revel services – In lightroom I setup to tag my photos with my name, email, copyright etc which is put into the metadata of the photo. I imagine with revel I could fill this in once and all photos i import to revel no matter the device will get the same metadata.

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