Interesting UI o' the day: Samplr for iPad

Check out the multitouch music-making interface for Samplr:

I imagine myself trying to compose some Christmas music using this app, then having to quote Norm MacDonald: “Happy birthday, Jesus–hope you like crap!” [Via James Roche]

2 thoughts on “Interesting UI o' the day: Samplr for iPad

  1. That’s super cool. Very good use of touch. I think we are just at the beginning of grasping the power of touch.
    I think mice stuck up to the dark ages of software for so many years.

  2. Yeah but I think working in photoshop with pure touch will never be the same as mouse… I could be wrong, but I just can’t see my self work the same way with brushes, masks and gradients with touch..
    Some day I might have to eat my words.. Like I did on adobe ideas 🙂

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