Demo: Pressure-sensitive stylus + Photoshop Touch

It’s been a long time coming, but you can at last control your brush strokes by varying their pressure—and not just on a Wacom Intuos anymore. Here’s Photoshop Touch’s newly added support in action:

4 thoughts on “Demo: Pressure-sensitive stylus + Photoshop Touch

  1. Now if only Wacom would create a pressure sensitive pen that works on their pad, my iPad and instead of the useless eraser on the other end they installed an actual, high quality pen with refillable cartridges I’d gladly pay $100 for such a device.
    [Funny you should mention it now: My wife just walked into my office & unsuccessfully tried to jot something on paper via my Wacom stylus. 🙂 –J.]

    1. Could be problematic Aaron – one capacitative tip, plus one inductive, plus one with a “nib” that’s wet – makes for three in total (a compromised and clumsy sort of gizmo …)

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