Photography: "Chasing Ice"

Photoshop engineer John Peterson (who’s been behind Photomerge, various vector improvements, and more) highly recommends the new documentary Chasing Ice:

It follows photographer James Balog as he travels the Arctic documenting the massive meltdown of the glaciers.  Among other things, he and his crew set up over two dozen time-lapse cameras to capture the melting ice over a period of years.  The footage they capture of the glaciers – in some cases melting completely out of frame – is amazing. Another team, camped out on a freezing ledge for over two weeks, were rewarded with footage of an ice shelf the size of lower Manhattan collapsing into the sea.

It’s some of the most stunning, dramatic landscape photography I’ve seen on a movie screen.

5 thoughts on “Photography: "Chasing Ice"

  1. First of I’ll say the documentary was great. However while watching it the first thing I though of was that the photo sequences should be run through the align layers tool because a lot of frames were misaligned from the wind or animails slightly moving the camera housing. I hope the bluray of the movie come with the full image sequences so I can take a shot at cleaning them up : )

  2. Some truly spectacular scenery. I don’t imagine I will ever venture to the beautiful but perilous Arctic regions during my lifetime, though. 🙂

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