A fascinating, roto-tastic animated video

I love this video from British director Cyriak:

The Fox Is Black writes:

What starts out as a few simple repeating elements soon becomes a chaotic collage of video snippets that take on a life of their own. He says that he uses Photoshop and After Effects for most of his animations, which I find totally astonishing. I’d suggest watching this video several times so that you can fully appreciate the amount of work he had to put into this incredible music video.

Reminds me of Michel Gondry’s impossibly* brilliant video for Kylie Minogue’s Come Into My World:

*if nothing else, in that it gets me to willingly listen to a Kylie Minogue song

3 thoughts on “A fascinating, roto-tastic animated video

  1. I love videos that take one simple idea and work that idea to it’s full extent. Gondry’s video for Kyle being a great example, I can and have watched it repeatedly to admire it’s cleverness. Though unlike you John, I do like the song too. 🙂
    Cyriak’s video is pretty awesome as well, with as the little snippets that eventually make up everything in the video mesh [literally] so incredibly well and like all good videos. adding to the music.

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