Think On My Sins

This blog used to be better. Instead of posting just a bunch of semi-random content finds, I used to talk more about ideas that matter. Since incurring the vocational brain damage that is fatherhood, however, I’ve struggled to find time to compose meatier thoughts. I want to try to change that.

Silicon Valley loves to talk about the importance of celebrating failure. It’s mostly crap (when’s the last time you saw the CEO speak? or WebVan, or Excite@home, or…), but there can be real value in reviewing what’s worked & what hasn’t. I plan to share some constructive reflections over the next days & weeks. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Think On My Sins

  1. I am very happy you have reached this point in your life, since I too have done similarly when I finally, at 48 yrs, allowed myself to actually love someone in the true meaning. It is not a sin but a maturity of one’s soul. We only have so much love and intensity in us. We can NOT multitask, not really. The question is are we better as a species to love our children and one another or to love our existance,(existencialism) We hope as a race that enough choose the former before we completely destroy our little rock.

  2. How do you assess what’s worked and what hasn’t? From what do you determine this blog’s stature if it was once “better”? For my nickel, I have a thinking feeling expressive person from a major software company that I depend on interacting with me on a regular, personal level. It doesn’t get better than that.

  3. Hey John,
    1. just wait until they discover the words “credit card”….
    2. if only we’d had the cats first……(the bills are slightly cheaper)
    3. if we’d had daughter #2 before daughter #1, then there would not have been daughter #1….
    4. And finally….Yup, boarding school is the only answer…….
    Must dash now….off to collect daughter #1 from University – my wife has gone to supermarket…the gannets are coming home for the Easter vacation!

  4. I quite like your random finds.
    I read other blogs for tech and photography content more, but find I share yours more with all friends not just tech/togs.

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