Jack Dorsey on what succeeded for Twitter

Okay, let me be honest: I generally hate the veneration of tech successes, particularly very newly minted ones (i.e. maybe you got lucky, and now I’m told to sit enraptured at your knee). Dang, though, if I didn’t find this talk from Twitter creator Jack Dorsey interesting. Key points:

1) Draw: get your idea out of your head and share it, 2) Luck: assess when the time (and the market) is right to execute your idea, 3) Iterate: take in the feedback, be a rigorous editor, and refine your idea.

“Get it out of your head” has sure been true in my experience. Sketch ideas out yourself, and if need be pay someone to design/animate them. Aids to audience imagination make all the difference between blank stares & “let’s do this.”


One thought on “Jack Dorsey on what succeeded for Twitter

  1. “Get it out your head” is always useful for me too. I use Things (todo/task manager) for just this, not really for managing things I need to do, but as a brain dump for any idea and follow up thoughts. Not that I have time to do them all……

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