Favorite photography features in Photoshop CC

Julieanne Kost demonstrates her top 5 favorite features in Photoshop CC, including the new Upright perspective correction, Radial Filter, and Spot Removal  features in Adobe Camera Raw 8, Image Upsampling and Smart Sharpening, Live Shapes for Rounded Rectangles, and Camera Shake Reduction.

15 thoughts on “Favorite photography features in Photoshop CC

    1. Completely uncalled for response. I am as disappointed as anyone with Adobe System’s marketing decision. Still haven’t decided yet how I will proceed, but we should all act as adults not children.

  1. For the first time ever I am not going to waste my effort to look at Julieanne’s superb tutorial, as I sense right now I will never use these features, at least for as long as These features are only available via subscription.
    I have upgraded all of my Adobe immediately on release of new versions. That has been guaranteed revenue for Adobe. All that stops right now.
    I will apply the same principle regarding Terry White, Scott Kelby, et al. I am going to let the Adobe marketing machine pontificate all they want and leave the anticipated marketing tidal wave just lash itself onto the rocks.
    You have broken a trust.
    Sad, but so be it.
    So long……

  2. Can’t help noticing that Julieanne Kost and Terry White used pretty much the same sample images to demonstrate the new features in PS CC. Does that suggest that the new features are less robust than one might hope? Surely with all the images that Kost and White have accumulated over the years, they could find others in their own archives that would show off the power of the features.

  3. The new features are *always* less robust than they suggest. Things like Quick Select, Content Aware Fill, and others look really good in a demo because the images they’re working with have been pre-screened. Sometimes these features work well, and sometimes they don’t. Naturally, Adobe demos only feature the “good” images.
    Don’t assume that anything Adobe shows you will work automatically. Always plan to do a bunch of manual cleanup afterwards.

    1. Exactly.
      I learned this some years ago when I moved to CS5, and found it wasn’t any better with the new ‘features’ for my needs than CS4 had been.

  4. I was wondering, would it be technically possible to add a flip/mirror function to the Rotate Tool? As an illustrator I need to flip and rotate the image regularly. Thanks to the awesome Rotate Tool, I can rotate without any Re-Rasterization but flipping horizontally still requires a lot of computing.
    It would also make it possible to add a 2nd Window that doesn’t get rotated or flipped, for Screen Capturing the process.
    Flipping is one of the most used techniques of people who draw and paint. Classic painters and hand drawing animators use real mirrors.
    Would this be very complicated to add as a feature?

  5. I’m so sick of the whiny crybabies who moan and complain about the new Creative Cloud system from Adobe. The creative suite is virtually accessible to anyone now because it is now super affordable. I hope Adobe makes a fortune by doing this. It’s a great idea and I’m happy to pay $50/mo. for the best suite of media creation tools on the planet, which were here to fore unaffordable to a great many people. AND….if you don’t like the Creative Cloud you can still buy the perpetual version the old fashioned way. Adobe does something that makes the majority of us jump for joy and there are some people who will be unsatisfied no matter what. Utterly, baffling.

  6. I usually enjoy Julianne’s tutorials and videos. But since these features are only a part of the new creative cloud subscription, which I will definitely never be using, I have easily skipped this video and have absolutely no interest in watching it.
    This is coming from a person who uses creative Suite 5 and has absolutely no intention of ever upgrading with this new scheme.
    Adobe, you have burned the bridges with so many people, I don’t think you truly understand the full implications of what has happened. It’s so sad.

  7. Again the Loyal Adobe supporters get screwed, having to shell out an additional $AU49 per month for something I have already purchased outright is akin to robbery, shame on you adobe for treating your customers like this.

  8. So – is that it? Those are the new features of PS CC? I’d like a full list of the performance improvements, GPU changes, and more importantly the JDI’s. I have a ton of requests that have gone unanswered throughout the years – many more grid control points in warping, channel indicator in HSL drop downs, more contrast in the UI like CS5, etc.
    [No, that’s just Julieanne’s favorite photography features. Other new features are listed here. –J.]

    1. can we get more details on the “Workflow time-savers” mentioned on that page? I don’t feel that new features – except adding Liquify to SO – are that overwhelming. How about Puppet Warp? – it needs alot of work like the ability to save/load meshes. Transform needs more grid lines. “Smart” pattern/texture generator. Can we finally add a color stroke to a pen path so its easier to see?

  9. So what I really want to know, has the classic crop tool been returned ? Or is it still just the modified new tool ?
    That failure put me off a Photoshop CS6 upgrade, until the big CC announcement.

  10. I wonder if the Adobe Fan Boys that love paying $50 p/m for software will be still happy when that $50 p/m suddenly becomes $100 p/m and believe me, if the short history of subscription has proven anything, once you are on the hook, you will be forced to keep shelling out.
    Also if over the years of supporting Adobe with thousands of dollars buying the product, then to be cut out of any further innovation make me a crybaby then absolutely I am a crybaby. I have owned every version on Adobe products since the beginning. One to keep up with the innovation and the other to keep supporting what i thought was a great company which produced great products, buy artists for artists, what ever your chosen field was. Now it is “By Accountants and Bean Counters for Artists that have to make sure that they have a regular income to add this to their monthly expenses. Otherwise, guess what you get nothing, except more and more bills that will keep getting more restrictive and more expensive. And watch this space, it wont be long before Adobe will start saying that they own your imaged because you produced them in a “RENTED” copy of Photoshop.

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