Friday demo/Q&A: Improve your career via Behance

Sure, well over a million people use Behance, but there’s so much power yet to unlock. Check out this session at noon Pacific* on Friday:

Mell Perling, Community Manager at Behance, as she demonstrates how Behance can take your work directly from the cloud and into the creative community on Behance. In this Ask A Pro session, you will:

  • See how being on Behance increases the discoverability of your work
  • Share work on Behance easily using your files from Creative Cloud and in CC apps
  • Learn how Behance fits into your Creative Cloud workflow
  • Explore the activity and inspiration stream of Behance on Creative Cloud Desktop
  • Harness the power of the creative community on Behance

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2 thoughts on “Friday demo/Q&A: Improve your career via Behance

  1. I have to say in the corporate environment Behance is a disaster. The last thing we want our staff doing is posting their work where it can be publically seen. And evaluating other’s work should be on our clock. I wish there was a way to totally lock out Behance in the “team” edition of CC. Like most companies we have strict removable media policy, and it seems that Adobe is rather clueless of what corporate shops require.
    It seems as a corporate administrator I should be able to permit/deny specific apps from the accounts.

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