[OT] One of the best Lego investments you can make

Apropos of nothing (well, except that I’m getting jazzed for our first-ever trip to Legoland next week!), $12.99 gets you a sack o’ wheels & axles. Our boys delight in making hilariously offbeat “vehicles” (incredibly long series of planks connected via random wheels, etc.), and you can never, ever have too many wheels and axles.

Glamorous? No. A catalyst for hours of good times? You bet.

5 thoughts on “[OT] One of the best Lego investments you can make

  1. What? You’ll be at Legoland??? I know it’s a long shot, John… but I’d love for you to stop by our office and say hello. We are seriously a STONES THROW from Legoland. Since our biz revolves around Photoshop, it’d be kinda cool to have the legend in the office, even if just for a moment. 🙂
    [If by “legend” you mean “Guy who amazes everyone by somehow *still* remaining employed even though he clearly blogs far too much,” then right you are. ;-p I’m guessing that Margot & the Micronaxx won’t let me sneak away, but if that changes, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the invite! –J.]

  2. There’s a Lego store near us, which has these bins in the back of loose pieces. You can buy a cup, and just fill the cup with whatever mix of pieces you want. My son always buys wheels if they are available.
    [Oh yeah, that’s a great way to go, and we’ve done it more than once. At least at our Lego store, however, the selection of wheels is super limited. It’s nice to get a variety. –J.]

  3. You’ll be picking up a few of these for the office while there right?
    [Heh. I showed that to my father-in-law yesterday. We got him the Imperial Hotel architectural kit for his birthday this year (and Falling Water last year). –J.]
    And don’t forget to snap a shot or two of the pigeons on the Laundrette facade!

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