Wacom introduces new Cintiq tablets, stylus

Exciting news from our friends at Wacom: According to their site,

  • “The Cintiq Companion is a fully functional, Windows 8-based tablet that enables you to run full versions of creative software such as Adobe Photoshop.” With 8GB RAM & 256GB of storage it costs $1999.
  • “The Cintiq Companion Hybrid [$1499-1599] functions as a traditional Cintiq when connected to a Mac or PC. When unplugged, it is perfect for light, spontaneous work when on the go using Android apps.”
  • The $99 Intuos Creative Stylus for iOS [iPad 3-4, Mini] “sports a unique pressure-sensitive pen tip that recognizes 2048 levels of pressure.”

I can’t help but think of John Gruber musing, “How ironic would it be if the iPad becomes the dominant mass market computer and the Surface becomes the one for artists?”

One thought on “Wacom introduces new Cintiq tablets, stylus

  1. Regarding the Creative Stylus for iOS, I was disappointed by the conspicuous absence of Photoshop Touch from the list of supported applications, the ones that have been updated to take advantage of the new stylus.
    [I’ll ask about that. Meanwhile PS Touch PM Stephen Nielson confirms that the new tablet supports pressure sensitivity in PS Touch. (“Yep, works great. They implemented the standard Android 4.0 APIs, which we support.”) –J.]

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