A giant tot points skyward

British Airways (the first really big site I ever helped design) is running a clever new campaign. Per Engadget,

[T]he new advertisement, installed front and center at London’s Piccadilly Circus, uses “custom-built surveillance technology” to track incoming BA aircraft, prompting the screen to display a child pointing directly at the plane as it passes overhead. The adjacent text offers up the flight number and its origin or destination, along with a custom message, such as the lowest fare for that route or the current weather where that plane is headed.

[YouTube] [Via Al Mooney]

3 thoughts on “A giant tot points skyward

  1. In times much earlier, there was a big pre-BA advertising hoarding a bit west of that one and when it announced the newest BOAC Concorde service, the tagline was “breakfast in London, lunch in Bermuda”. To which someone with a ladder and a spray paint can then added “and luggage in Belfast” …
    [Nice. 🙂 –J.]

  2. Similar story told to me by a British sailor. A fleet of American warships was crossing the North Atlantic during WW2. Attached to the back of the fleet was a British Royal Navy frigate. Halfway across the North Atlantic a savage storm blew up which lasted for two days and nights. After the storm subsided the Admiral of the fleet on the lead American warship sent a message to all ships in the fleet – “all ships report storm damage.” The reply from the British frigate was…..”what storm?”

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