Flash Pro now exports HTML5 canvas

“Adobe isn’t in the Flash business, it’s in the helping people communicate business.”

So I wrote three+ years ago, and I meant it. Flash, Photoshop, and every other tool/technology is just a means to an end. Now that Web browser technology is maturing (with Adobe’s help), Flash Professional can export interactive animations as HTML5 content. Check it out:


The team writes,

The new HTML5 Canvas support lets you create interactive content leveraging well-established Flash Pro paradigms of timeline, frame-scripts and creation tools, all customized for the HTML5 Canvas platform. Add frame-script using native support for JavaScript including code-hinting, code-coloring, and more.

Check out more details here, or download the free trial.


4 thoughts on “Flash Pro now exports HTML5 canvas

  1. Flash Pro is a mature and fully-featured tool that shows its evolutionary versatility… Meanwhile, Edge Animate continues to develop and is also doing some cool stuff.
    With the tracks both are on, wonder if we will eventually see a convergence?

  2. Flash is dead! /s
    Whatever happens to that crowd of haters? Glad to see that Adobe is moving in this direction and look forward to when HTML supports what flash can do. Like everyone else I hate ads but love the animation tools in flash for making cartoons, movies etc. I would like to see further integration with after effects (I like the ae timeline better than the one in flash).

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