Come try the new CC apps, even if your 30-day trial has ended

We want everyone to experience all the new enhancements just released in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Adobe Muse CC. Therefore even if you’ve already tried these apps via the normal 30-day trial, you can take them for another 30-day spin. To do so, launch the Creative Cloud desktop app, then click “Update” next to the desired app. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Come try the new CC apps, even if your 30-day trial has ended

  1. so is Adobe going to have a lifetime reduced CC membership for existing CS3+ owners similar to the PS+LR offer?
    [There have been no such announcements. –J.]

  2. But how long will it take for the updates to actually appear in the Cloud app? It varies across my two machines, but without fail I have to read about cool new features for weeks before I can actually use them. And yes, I always try: quit/restart Creative Cloud app; sign out/sign back into Creative Cloud; restart machine… One of my machines will *only* see updates if I login as root to run the CC app, and uninstall the apps first. If only the whole CC experience was as well put together as, say, Lightroom.

  3. I’d like to see the membership department share data with the Marketing department so they will stop sending email request and web ads to get me to join.

  4. John, with all the offers for CC being extended and even new 30 day trials available for free, has anyone at Adobe gotten around to dealing with the lack of an exit strategy when you stop paying your monthly rental? How long does it take for them to recognize there is a problem, much less deal with it? It goes on.

  5. Off Topic: Does anyone at Adobe in the Indesign department do what you do? (Blog, etc.) I love the amount of insight and information I get here, but Indesign is my main tool. I read the forums, and those folks are helpful, but don’t work for Adobe. Same with the ID secrets site. I’d love to find a face/presence for the app I use so much.

  6. I would love to see a reduced cost program for Premiere, Audition and Encore. I don’t need a lot of the other programs and hesitate to subscribe because of the monthly cost.

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